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J. Ford House

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J. Ford HouseLocated in Lincoln, Massachusetts, J. Ford House is not just an ordinary house. The architecture of J. Ford House makes the building as most admirable house. The creator of the J. Ford House is Marcel Breuer. The Hungarian born, Marcel Breuer whose full name is Marcel Lajos Breuer (1902-1981) is well known as architect and furniture designer.

Marcel Breuer started to build the J. Ford House in 1939. It is an old house according to the year the house is established, but the building is not swept away by the time. The J. Ford House architecture proof the brilliant vision of Marcel Breuer.

J. Ford House, Massachusetts

J. Ford House · Lincoln, Massachusetts

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

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Indian Institute of Management AhmedabadLocated in Ahmedabad, India, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad is one of the prestigious schools of government in India. The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad building is designed by one of the most influential architects in the 20 century, Louis I. Kahn.

Louis I. Kahn (1901-1974) began to build this Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad in 1963. The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad is constructed with concrete brick masonry. The architecture of the building and the composition reflects the function of the building to facilitate the student and the teacher to learning and to study in a good and healthy environment to study.

Indian Institute of Management



Weyerhaeuser Headquarters

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Weyerhaeuser HeadquartersWeyerhaeuser Headquarters building is famously for the green and sustainable vision of architecture. The Weyerhaeuser Headquarters ground scraper building is the headquarters of Weyerhaeuser Multinational Corporation which have expanded their business in paper and pulp production, timber, and real estate property.

The Weyerhaeuser Headquarters is built in 1971 by Skidmore Owings and Merrill. The Weyerhaeuser Headquarters is located in near Tacoma, Washington. The office commercial building is constructed with long span concrete and silicone glazed glass. The main building of Weyerhaeuser Headquarters is the first large scale of office complex in United States of America and completed with botanical garden and green pathways.

Weyerhaeuser Headquarters Tacoma



Villa Mairea

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Villa Mairea is a beautiful houses that just not very suitable function as home but also as rural retreat. Plus the cold weather make it perfect as retreat house, to rest and relax, release stress, have some inspiration, and recharge energy.

Villa Mairea is created by the Finnish modern architect and designer Hugo Alvar Henrick Aalto or famously calls Alvar Aalto. Located in Noormarkku, Finlandia, Villa Mairea is built in 1937 until 1939. Villa Mairea is styled in modern design with combination of brick wall and wood siding construction system. The Villa Mairea is famous for the earthy architecture and stunning design.

Teatro Olimpico

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Teatro Olimpico or Olympic Theater is a theatre building located at Vicenza, Italy. Along with Teatro All’antica and Teatro Farnese, Teatro Olimpico is the high renaissance theaters that still survive and exist.

The Teatro Olimpico is start built in 1580 and it was finish constructed in 1585 in cut stone masonry construction system.  In 1994, Teatro Olimpico is listed as part of World Heritage Site by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Organization (UNESCO).

Teatro Olimpico architecture is designed by Andrea Palladio and considered as the highest masterworks of Andrea Palladio. The genius design of Teatro Olimpico has always been an inspiration of theater design that maintains the audience and the action in close relation.

Residence in Riva San Vitale

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Designed by the famous Swiss architect, Mario Botta, Riva San Vitale houses is one of the modern home living which offering combination of unique design and natural beauty of rural Switzerland environment. Located at the hillside of Riva san Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland, the Riva San Vitale houses constructed with concentrate blocks of bricks and formed in cubic frame with heavy pillars.

It takes a year to build Riva San Vitale residence, start from 1972 and finished in 1973. The Riva San Vitale residence design is blended well with the nature; you can have beautiful scenery of Lake Lugano and the mountain which snowed on top of it.

Rue Franklin Apartments

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Located in Paris, the capital city of France, Rue Franklin Apartment is regarded as one of the prominent works of the twenty centuries architecture. Rue Franklin Apartments is built by the famous architecture August Perret start from 1902 and completely finished in 1904.

The apartment housing, Rue Franklin Apartments is designed with highly glazed façade and large window. The Rue Franklin Apartments is kind of vertical building which is friendly with the neighborhood, not towering or covering and distracts the Paris romantic landscape.

The detail ornament like flowers is so beautiful that give Rue Franklin Apartment an everlasting impression. For architecture lover, if you visit Paris, it’s highly recommended to take a visit of Rue Franklin Apartments at No 25B, Rue Franklin, Paris, France.

Reliance Building

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The skyscraper, Reliance Building, located in Chicago, Illinois is one of the earliest commercial towers in the United States of America. Design by the famous architect, Daniel Burnham, from the Burnham and Root Architectural Firm in 1890, Reliance Building is the first modern skyscraper that use steel frame clad construction system and glass window.

At first, Reliance Building was a four floor building but then extended to fourteen floors. The extended building was complete developed in 1894. The Reliance Building was built during the great depression era and still stand until now. It used to function as office, retail, store space, but now it functions as Hotel Burnham.

Plum Street Temple

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The Plum Street Temple is the famous synagogue in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Plum Street Temple building was design by a prominent architect James K. Wilson. The Plum Street Temple is dedicated to honor Rabbi Isaac M. Wise, the founder of American Reform Judaism.

The Plum Street Temple is built in 1866 and one of the oldest synagogue in the United States of America. The Plum Street Temple also one of the heritages that listed on National Register of Historic Place. The Plum Street Temple has a masonry construction system with Saracenic style with the minaret for the exterior and Neo Gothic style for the interior.

Piazza of San Marco

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Piazza of San Marco, also famously called St Mark’s Square, is one of the famous tourist destinations in Venice, Italy. If you take a vacation in Venice, visiting Piazza of San Marco is a must.

The piazza is refers to plaza in English, it’s an open square place, a courtyard, a public space. Built in 819, Piazza of San Marco is Italian Renaissance styled building with stone masonry construction.

Piazza of San Marco heritage is like an open text book, the architecture not just incredible but also contains of rich of histories of Venetian politic and economic that will amaze you.